Hills at last - A COVID breakout to put boot to hill

Got heat exhaustion, so not the most successful venure ever, but at least I got out and did some hills

Crossing the Kerse Bridge over the River Carron.  Hills look a long way off!

And then over the Clackmananshire Bridge - this is about half way to the hills.

Finally on a hill - heading up towards King's Seat Hill.  Don't remember it being this long!

View of The Law - it was hoaching.

Finally the top.  Great to be on the hills, but already feeling tired.

And the top of Ben Cleuch.  Stunning views.

Then the long road home, over The Law - really feeling it by now. So much for "hill fit"!
And then just the 16 mile cycle home.  Never again.   Still suffering big time 24 hours later, having spent most of the day in bed.

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