The Arrochar Alps - completed

Hills Scaled Heights/ Grid References for anoraks Date   Personnel (as far as I can remember)
Beinn Dubhchraig 978m (OS50 307254) 9/4/00 DC, CM (others did it previous week)
Ben More  and Ben More again 1174m (OS51 432244) 6/12/98
and 10/11/13
DC, MC, RC, CM, ??
and DC, SC, HMcQ, Sandra and Alistair
Cruach Ardrain 1046m (OS51/56 409212) 6/2/00 DC, MC, RC, CM, ST
An Caisteal 995m (OS50/56 379193) 12/12/99 DC, MC, RC, ST
Beinn Chabhair  (twice now) 933m (OS50/56 367179) 9/1/00 and 13/12/09 DC, MC, RC, CM, BP, KR.

Just DC and MC last time

Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) 943m (OS50/56 295124) 7/3/99


DC, MC, BP, KR, Sandy

DC, MC, CM, ST and Adrian

Beinn Ime 1011m (OS56 255084) 17/1/99 DC, MC, RC, KR, Sandy
Beinn Bhuidhe 948m   (OS50 203187) 17/12/00 DC, MC, KR, Ian
Beinn Narnain 926m  (OS56 272066) 1/4/01 and 6/1/13 DC, MC and then DC, ST
Stob Binnein 1165m (near Ben More)   2/12/01 DC, MC, RC, BP, KR, ST
Ben Lui  

and Beinn a'Chleibh

Very high and hard work

and not quite so high, and much easier

12/12/01 DC all alone
Beinn Dubhchraig

and Ben Oss

Two big ones, one for the second time 27/5/02 DC all alone
Ben Vorlich and

Stuc a'Chroin

985m and 975m (OS 57 - copy going spare if anyone would like to buy one? 20/10/02 

& 10/4/11 and 23/9/12

DC, MC (see I have got a mate)

But not the second time!

Third time with KC and HC

Ben Vorlich from the South Longer walk in, but actually much better 24/4/11 Alone again
Beinn a'Chroin, Cruach Ardrain again, and Beinn Tulaichean Too many metres and miles 25/3/03 DC all alone again.  
Ben Vane, and unsuccessful Ben Vane with Stuart 27/12/10 A good walk out. 3/704 DC alone again.  Must be something I said
Ben Lomond A slog up, wish I'd taken the route over

the Ptarmigan on the way up

15/12/04 DC by myself.  Is there a pattern developing here?
Ben Chonzie A quick one to finish the page. 22/5/05 DC and MC

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