The Arrochar Alps - completed

Hills Scaled Heights/ Grid References for anoraks Date   Personnel (as far as I can remember)
Beinn Dubhchraig 978m (OS50 307254) 9/4/00 DC, CM (others did it previous week)
Ben More  and Ben More again 1174m (OS51 432244) 6/12/98
and 10/11/13
DC, MC, RC, CM, ??
and DC, SC, HMcQ, Sandra and Alistair
Cruach Ardrain 1046m (OS51/56 409212) 6/2/00 DC, MC, RC, CM, ST
An Caisteal 995m (OS50/56 379193) 12/12/99 DC, MC, RC, ST
Beinn Chabhair  (twice now) 933m (OS50/56 367179) 9/1/00 and 13/12/09 DC, MC, RC, CM, BP, KR.

Just DC and MC last time

Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) 943m (OS50/56 295124) 7/3/99


DC, MC, BP, KR, Sandy

DC, MC, CM, ST and Adrian

Beinn Ime 1011m (OS56 255084) 17/1/99 DC, MC, RC, KR, Sandy
Beinn Bhuidhe 948m   (OS50 203187) 17/12/00 DC, MC, KR, Ian
Beinn Narnain 926m  (OS56 272066) 1/4/01 and 6/1/13 DC, MC and then DC, ST
Stob Binnein 1165m (near Ben More)   2/12/01 DC, MC, RC, BP, KR, ST
Ben Lui and Beinn a'Chleibh
and an attempt at Ben Lui to find the source of the Tay
Very high and hard work and not quite so high, and much easier.
Cold and icy
DC all alone.
DC,EC, MC, and RC
Beinn Dubhchraig

and Ben Oss

Two big ones, one for the second time 27/5/02 DC all alone
Ben Vorlich and

Stuc a'Chroin

985m and 975m (OS 57 - copy going spare if anyone would like to buy one? 20/10/02 

& 10/4/11 and 23/9/12

DC, MC (see I have got a mate)

But not the second time!

Third time with KC and HC

Ben Vorlich from the South Longer walk in, but actually much better 24/4/11 Alone again
Beinn a'Chroin, Cruach Ardrain again, and Beinn Tulaichean Too many metres and miles 25/3/03 DC all alone again.  
Ben Vane, and unsuccessful Ben Vane with Stuart 27/12/10 A good walk out. 3/704 DC alone again.  Must be something I said
Ben Lomond A slog up, wish I'd taken the route over

the Ptarmigan on the way up

15/12/04 DC by myself.  Is there a pattern developing here?
Ben Chonzie A quick one to finish the page. 22/5/05 DC and MC

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7/3/99 saw us up here.The Butter Mountain - 17/1/99Climbed December 6, 19986/2/2000The last climb of 1999 - 12/12/99The first hill of 2000 - just about sober enough by January 9, 2000Cycle and climb - a painful combination as we found April 9, 20004.5 Mile cycle, big climb, then Guiness and oysters - ya beautyApril 1, 2001. Very busy.Good start, but windy and snowy - 2/12/01Brilliant sunny warm day, all alone - 12/12/0127/5/02 (with Beinn Dubhchraig for the second time)20/10/02 - A quick oneToo far, and too mistyVery hot, and very good15/12/04Not too wet, and pretty quick and easy thankfully24/4 Vorlich from the South