A walk in the Northern Pentland Hills

Not the most exciting thing I have ever done, but it filled in the time while my bike was in the shop in Edinburgh

Most of the main "ridge" I did, from right to left West Kip, East Kip, Scald Law, Carnethy Hill and Turnhouse Hill

From the top of West Kip, looking down to East Kip, South Black Hill, Scald Law and Turnhouse Hill.  On the left is Hare Hill which I didn't do, then Blach Hill and Bell's Hill which I did on the way back

Top of South Black Hill, to Scald Law and Carnethy Hill, with Firth of Forth behind.

From the top of Carnethy Hill, looking back to South Black Hill, Scald Law and East Kip.

And to the North East, I could see Berwick Law and Bass Rock, though they are lost in the haze here

From Turnhouse Hill, looking back to Carnethy Hill, with Loganlea Reservoir below, and Black Hill on the right.

And to the North, Edinburgh, Forth Road and Rail bridges, and to the left Grangemouth.  

My picture of the hovering hawk isn't really that exciting, but it was impressive to see 

Looking back to Turnhouse Hill from Glencorse

Once past Glencorse Reservoir the path rose between Harbour Hill and Bell's HIll, giving a nice view out over Penicuik.  Turnhouse Hill rising behind the shoulder of Bell's Hill

From the top of Bell's Hill, with the "ridge" I have done left to right, and Black Hill (route home) on the right.  And the sun was shining.

At last, the top of Black Hill, before the rain came on.  Looking to Carnethy Hill, Scald Law and  the Kips.

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