Scafell Pike

England under my boot.

Setting off up the track from Seathwaite - a busy place.  My route goes up to the right in front of  Seathwaite Fell on the right.  The path I came back down is straight ahead up Grains Gill.

Starting to climb, looking back down to Seathwaite.

Reaching the top of Styhead Gill, the first pull up.

Nearly at Sty Head.  Scafell Pike range now in view.  My "corridor route" goes up the hill in front.

Worrying, or reassuring?

View back down Styhead Gill from the stretcher box

Having missed the path up the "Corridor Route" I ended up coming further along, then having to climb steeply to regain the path, though to the left rather than straight ahead.  That's Linmell Crag in front.

Looking back from the same spot.  Not a good place to be!

Having regained the path I felt a bit happier.  I should have come over the path on the right, but came up the slopes to the left of that.  Interesting!

The way ahead, much easier on a path.

Looking back again, from near the top of the corridor route, which comes over the hill just to the right of the water, rather than up the slope to the left which was my route.

From the top of Lingmell, Scafell Pike in the mist above the track, Sca Fell to the right and other stuff on the left. 

North East from Lingmell, Sethwaite way down there past the Styhead Tarn.  Great End on the right.

Scafell Pike still in the mist!

Path up.  People everywhere!

On the final ascent, looking back to Lingmell.

Lingmell on the left, then Great  Gable (where do they get these names?), the Styhead Tarn,Great End and Broad Crag.

Final bit of path

The tranquility and solitude of these wild places!  At the top of Scafell Pike.

Even from this distance you can still see the mob on top of the hill!

Heading off to Great End.

From the top of Great End, looking back to Scafell Pike on the left, Lingmell, Wasdale Head way down there, round to Kirk Fell and Great Gable, and finally Styhead Tarn on the right.

Heading down Grains Gill to Seathwaite - seemed a long walk out.

Just come down from there.  Great End rising above Grains Gill. Honest!

And nearly at the car, looking up the valley.  Seathwaite Fell is the one in the middle.

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