Snowdon - Social Walking

Stayed dry all the way, despite the mist

And off I go up the Pyg Track from the car park at Pen-y-Pass along the lower slopes of Crib Goch before zig-zagging above the smaller lake Glaslyn to the col between Snowdon and Garnedd Ugain and thence to the summit of Snowdon.  Sounds easy enough.

If rather busy!

Looking down Llanberis pass towards Nant Peris and Llanberis itself

Same view from a bit further up. Can see Llyn Peris and Llyn Padarn (the watery bits)

And looking back down the first bit of the path to Pen-y-pas.

Llyn Llydaw and the mountain in the mist

Re-assuring to have support, and is that mist going to clear?

I took the easy road, it looks like they are very high and mist bound up there on the knife-edge summit of Crib Goch

The rolling hills of Wales, looking back down the track.

Not the way to go!

It is clearing on the top?

If only I could do those panorama things. - path I have come up on the left, Llyn Llydaw down there, and the Miners path I had intended going home in crossing the water and heading off down the hill in the middle.  Snowdown to the right, and the path up.

Looking down to the start of the Miners path

So Pyg Path on the left, and Miners path beside the Llyn

Up into the mist.....

.......that's where we are all headed

A moment of clarity

Didn't last

Onto the main drag at the col between Snowdon and Garnedd Ugain.

Just kept getting busier.

No wonder it's so damn busy up here - there's a train!

The top

The view

The queue

And back down I go

Never got to try the Minor's Path, as decided on the longer walk down to Llanberis as girls were coming up on the train and would be ages.

Out of the mist, the view improved considerably.  Looking West to Llanberis and the coast

And to the East or South or whatever.

And the way down, a good path, and you can spot the railway line running above it.

Llanberis lies by the lake pictured, so still a bit to go.  

Looking back up

Looking back up to the summit, up there somewhere.  And no-one within twenty yards of me!

The easy way up and down.  Still took two and a half hours round trip.

Mad buggers.   Annual Snowon Race.  Up in 42 minutes, down in 26.  And I was expected to get out of their way!  Actually one of them dropped dead before getting to the summit!

Even had girlies running it.

Away from the maddening crowd

Here comes the train my the family were on.

Honest, they are in there somewhere, as evidenced by their picture of me

And off they go up the hill.  Beaten (easily) by the runners.

Pub getting closer.

And here comes the first lassie back down.  One hour 15 minutes for the round trip.

Back on the tarmac, pub just down there by the lake.

A beach!

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