WalkIslay 2012 and the Paps of Jura. What weather!

Thanks for the lifts and accomodation Iain.

First sight of the Paps on the boat to Port Askaig on Wednesday night.

And that is the one I didn't do at the front.

From the kitchen door we could still see those Paps
First walking day -Thursday April 19th - off to Bunnahabhain

A familiar sight by now, from a different angle

Heading up the coast towards Rubh'a Mhail

Climbing (?) up to Sgarb Beag, all of 500 feet.

But a good view from the top, from Rhuvaal lighthouse on the left with Colonsay in the far distance, and in front of us - Jura and the Sound of Islay.  Splendid.

The inlet at Port a'Chotain

And over there are the caves we had come to see.

View from a cave - Colonsay on the horizon

After lunch at the caves we headed down the coast towards Mala Bholsa

Not much happening at Bolsa itself.

The deer kindly lined up along Mala Bholsa for my picture.

View from the top of Mala Bholsa, looking North East.  We came down the left hand coast, and are going back to the right of the hill in the middle.  And what a day!

Looking North West, over the Rubha Bholsa rocks.

And looking South West, down the coast to Ardnave.

A friendly adder I passed on the way back

Coming back over Cnoc a'Cheaird we got another nice view of the Paps and the Sound of Islay.  That's Bunnahabhain nestling down there on the right

And here is the Bunnahabhain lady welcoming us back with a wee refreshment.  Excellent end to a good walk.

DAY TWO - Two of the Paps of Jura

Looking back to Islay as we set off for day two - Jura

Looking over to Islay from part way up the track.  Rhuvaal lighthouse visible on the right hand side

Beinn Chaolais, the one I didn't do, from about the same point as the next one I think.

In which case this might be Beinn an Oir (the mountain of gold), the first one I did climb

Off the bike and on the hill at last.  One hour 50 mins to get here from the ferry.  As I am on the slopes of Beinn an Our that is definitely Beinn Chaolais (Mountain of the Sound) which is the lowest
 of the Paps.
This was quite a steep ascent!

The top - all 2571 feet above sea level.  And misty!  That is the Sound of Islay down there.

Looking East to the mainland, out there somewhere.  

That is Beinn Shiantaidh  (the holy mountain), my next target.

And little (!) Beinn a'Choalais in front of the Sound of Islay

Same hill, more background.  Choalais looking even smaller, maybe I should have done that one?

And looking North along the ridge to Cnoc an Oir

A not so friendly adder on Jura.  This one was ready for a fight.  I ran away.

Bit easier going up Beinn Shiantaidh, snakes not withstanding.

Stopped for a rest, and a picture of Beinn an Oir that I have just come over.

And there is Beinn a'Chaolois again.  Route back goes between the two, back across Adder Valley

Another rest, another picture of the other Paps

The top, at last.  That took four hours - not too bad going I don't think.  Now just need to get back to the ferry, only six miles or so.

Coming down the ridge

And looking back up the ridge, with Eastern Jura below.

Struggling over the beleach

Final close up of Beinn an Oir from the beleach

And a final shot of the biggest Pap, and my bike

The hyrdo works at LochanGleann Astaile.

What a great couple of days - and smashing weather into the bargain.