A weekend of culture and rock and roll - London July 2017

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Bit of a walk around on Friday night, including another visit to the National Portrait Gallery (not pictured!)

The next day we got a train out to Kingston on Thames, to catch a boat to Hampton Court

Arriving at Court

We even got to see a show.

Henry and one of his wifes.

No, I am not on the phone.  The Grand Hall

They were proud of their chimneys.

Wine fountain, run dry!

Fair chuffed after a great day out

The evening's entertainment!

Where did that water go!

The next day we had a wander round Hyde Park, to tire ourselves out, before the main event.

Monument to Prince Albert - very impressive.

Best support act, without a doubt.

YESSSS.  Rock and Roll.

With added Stevie Nicks.  What a brilliant day.

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