Venice - April 2018

What a strange place

Out of the airport, and onto a ...boat!

A street, and me.  Lost in Venice.

A real hands on place - the Grand Canal, not far from our abode.

After a long wander we ended up resting on the steps of this church (which we didn't go into).  It was quite hot for us!

The Grand canal, from the Scalzi Bridge.

Another canal - getting like the Netherlands (without the windmills).

In front of Rialto Bridge on our walking tour on the first night.

A wedding picture in the same place.

And the view from the bridge, back to that wedding and the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal looking South West from the top of the Tedeschi building.

And looking North East up the canal

A church from the rooftop viewing place.

And finally, the Rialto Bridge, down below us

Our guide, whose name I forget already (she wasn't the best) took us to the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, which we never went back to.

Oh, there she is, and the sign to prove that was where we were.  That is the rest of our walking tour group, so we weren't going to get away with a small token contribution!

And a nice night time shot of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from near to Harrys Bar (which we didn't visit).

Day two - we visited the Jewish quarter, the original Gheto.  Wall remembering the Holocaust.


Inside one of the synagogues - our guide in the middle.

More synagogue pictures.

And back outside.

On the wrong route, but we found a great wee place for lunch.

Not a touristy canal.

Then we headed to P.le Roma for a (cheap) trip down the Grand Canal on vaperetto # 1.  Got the good seats at the front for the best view.  This is the Constitution Bridge, the fourth bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice. Designed by Santiago Calatrava (I have no idea who he was either!).

Some wisteria which caught my eye - though the seeds are poisonous. All parts of the plant contain a saponin called wisterin, which is toxic if ingested, and may cause dizziness, confusion, speech problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea and collapse.  Nice plant!

Grand canal

Some workies, and another ferry behind.

That is Calle dei Botteri on the right - our apartment/room and kitchen is up the end of that.

The cheap river-crossing gondola that we did use (€2 a trip).

And some punters on the more expensive hired gondola (€80 a trip).  Though they did get longer than a river crossing.

And back to Rialto Bridge, with which we are familiar.

It was a busy canal!

The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute again (guess where we are going tomorrow!).

Doges palace, you can tell by the people on the bridge on the right taking pictures of the Bridge of Sighs.

And zoomed out.
Bridge of Sighs and Ponte della Paglia in front, full of people

so many people, yuck.

So what did we do when we got off the boat!

How to ruin a nice picture

Front of the Basilica di San Marco.  Big place!

But we went to the Opera House, the Teatro la Fenice, instead.  It was impressive inside, rebuilt about four times as I recall.

Venice is famous for masks - there were tons of shops like this.

And plenty of canals full of gondola's, like this.

A better local custom - Spritz bitter at a street bar near our apartment.  Never thought I would be drinking campari and white wine!

Our apartment - bijou but just ideal for us.

Second half