Venice - April 2018

What a strange place

The next day we went back to take another picture of the Bridge of Sighs, while waiting for our tour of the Doge's Palace to start.

Another tourist landmark.  We looked, but kept our euros for more spritz's later.

St. Mark's Square and the Basilica di San Marco.  Elaborate roof work!

Front of the Doge's palace, with that dodgy camera setting I don't like.

The interior was pretty impressive.

May have been the biggest free standing ceiling in Europe (or the world) for many years, though I was not listening properly!


View from the Bridge of Sighs to the Ponte della Paglia.  

A better picture of the entrance.  These venetians seemed to have sorted out democracy (which is nothing to do with this picture!).

Then we took to the lagoon, catching a boat over to the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, and up that bell tower.

View of Venice from the lagoon.  Grand Canal on the right.

On the other side, looking to Doges Palace and St Marks Square (and the Bridge of Sighs!).

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from San Giorgio Maggiore
Some religous paintings in the church.  Probably really important or something.

From the top of the bell tower, looking over Giudecca (Elton John has a gaff here somewhere).

Oh look, Venice!  Looking North West.

St Marks, still hoaching.

Venice, looking North East

South East

Then we caught a boat to Giudecca, which has some canals!

And another view of the rest of Venice.

Eventually we got another boat and wound our way back to Punta della Dogana.

Another church.  Dorsoduro area.

Thought it was about time for another canal shot.

Quite impressive glass playing - can't remember the tune now, but it was good.

Waiting for another boat, at San Basilio I think..  

Another wander through St Marks Square, to watch the rich/foolish spend their money.  Music on both sides of the square

And the Basilica continued to look very nice.

Quick pic from Rialto Bridge of the Grand Canal on the way home.  Very pretty.

Day four (already), and first off we got the €2 gondola over the canal, before a trek to F. te Nove for the ferry out to Torcello.

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta - nice pictures.

Then some fresh air, before the relatively interesting museum, and lunch.

Next stop - Burano - the island with painted fisherman's houses - it's a thing apparently.

Looking back to Torcello

Obligatory church stop - Parrocchia San Martino Vescovo on Murano.  Pretty (and had a toilet).

Rare sighting of bicycles.

Then we caught a boat to Murano, famed for it's (expensive) glass, and we found another church - Church of Santa Maria e San Donato.

It had a nice floor.

Then back to our own neck of the main island - our apartment is at the top of the street, and the pub on the left.

And after this we ate, drank, and came home.  Great trip, but probably seen enough.

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