Campbeltown January 2020

A night on the West coast with my Dad

A wee drive out to the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse, or at least the end of the road above it.  Breezy.

Look - Rathlin Island and Ireland.

Playing airplanes?

And at night we had a walk down the peir to see the windmills.  HUGE.

The next day we took a walk out to Davaar Island, as I had never been.

Turnstones, a rare winter visitor to these shores.  I think these are Black Turnstones, but not sure.  They are closely related to sandpipers, and asthe name implies, these species overturn stones, seaweed, and similar items in search of invertebrate prey.

Looking back towards the wee toon.

Loads of these caves to explore.

This is what we came to see.

And then back to the mainland, before the tide comes in. 
Just a quick visit this time, and no more pictures.

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