A few days in a "Tin Tent" - great to get away

Stopped off at Struie Hill Viewpoint on the way up. 

And here we are.  Potatoes and win - sorted.

The next day we hit the hills.  Click here to see our day up Ben Hee.

Tuesday - another leisurely start, before our cycling begins.

A broch outside Lairg.

Is that it?   Yes.

Then we headed down the B864 to the Falls of Shin.  Busy wee place.

Waiting for the salmon to leap.  And they did.

We moved onto a quieter bit of the River Shin.

And back to Lairg.  Pub up on the right.
Loch Shin.  And a big dam.

Nearly home, but stopped for a view north to Ben Hee and other hills. 

The site, our tin tent middle left.  20 miles down.  Not too shabby for a wee outing.

Delighted not to be cycling anymore.

... and Mr. Grumpy enjoying a dram and planning tomorrow's hill walk, up Ben Loyal.

Thursday morning was nice enough to breakfast outside, for one of us anyway!

And another bike ride

Another 20 miles, with a visit to the pub of course.

Lairg Cemetery - some famous Matheson dude and his family.

Something old and interesting!

Seems to be for William Gray, and erected in 1749?  Well old.

Boring picture of fields and stuff.

Enjoying the local banter in the pub.  Apparently it gets busier later?

It was too busy for us inside, so we retired to the beer garden for more social interaction.

Final nights washing up, in our padlocked services area.

Caught doing my bit.

And goodnight.  Next day was the drive home, and a fantastic meal at Shauna and Megans.  It was a good break, and no-one caught the virus.

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