St. Anton 2020

Great week, despite the weather.
A little video of our week, including Steve and Kate's trip to Innsbruck.  Some of the following images also appear in this video.
Thanks to everyone for their pictures, sorry if I have any in the wrong day, was not entirely sure about where all of them were from!

Click in the map for the current status.

Actually view from Steve and Kate's window.

View in our window - going to be a good week.

Day One - a lovely sunny day to start exploring the piste.  (Actually day five, but it's a good opening picture!)

And off we go.  Top of Kapalbahn?

Quick phone call?

Day One Lunch - Living the dream

All so pretty.  Looking across to Rendl where Kate and Steve headed to today.

Kate returning from Rendl maybe?

At Galzig, trying to figure out how to get to run 100.

Still trying to figure out the route.

Think we know where to go, so time to try to recreate our picture from 28 years ago.

Oh, that's better, thought we were missing someone!

Now that is how it's done.  With added Mike, Denise and Angela back in 1992, who sadly couldn't join us this time.

Gampen has been done up a bit since we were last there!

The hunt for run 100 goes on.  

Yes, I think we know which way now.  We did get to the start, but it was too late, and we never found it again!

Given up, and back down to the bottom of Gampen

Successful first days skiing.

Day two was not so good, and it even started to rain, which is not good for skiing.

Not many pictures of Monday, and this may well not be one of them!
Weather on the Tuesday was pretty poor too, so I spent most of the day in bed, Kate and Steve went to Innsbruck, Nichola and Stuart braved the skiing, and Sharon went to the church.

Waiting for the rest of the team, to go down to Maximillians for our Tuesday night tea - chalet staff night off.

Quick drink in a local hostelry first.

Red wine spillage not evident.


Not ideal conditions!

Wednesday saw a fair bit of the resort still shut due to high winds.  We spent a while using the Fangbahn lift.

An old one from 1992, never quite worked out where this was, but it's a great pic.

Lunch stop.

Back to work.

Wednesday night was quiz night - I think we came fourth, but a good effort

Pour your own beer.  Interesting idea.

Thursday was another great day, we headed over to Rendlbahn.  When the bus came there was only room for three, so we had to run down the road in ski boots to the next stop!

Waiting for the chair lift to open.

Might be Rendlbahn?


Here come the team.

Lunch.  Lovely spot.

Not us!

Sadly we had to head back down to St. Anton eventually

Who needs style!

Where to now?

Friday, more wind and sub-optimal conditions, so we decided to pay a visit to Lech (two bus rides).

Conditions not really much better here.  At least we did find the blue run.

Just for Valentines Day!

Another lunch - Prost again.

Waiting for the bus back again.

A last blast down a familiar slope.

Outside the boot room - the daily ritual.

Ski-ing over.  Last night.

On the Saturday we had a later transfer, so spent some time in the town.  This is the hotel we stayed at back in 1992.

It has changed a bit in the last 28 years.  As have we!

Random picture from 1992 of us all in an unidentified hostelry.

We had a walk around, up to the museum which also starred in Chalet Girls, as the chalet!

Expensive looking restaurant downstairs

Upstairs was the museum, very interesting.  Copied this old picture of St Anton from about 1910 or so.

And from now (slightly lower down).

Bottle not ours!


Back to the chalet to pick up our stuff, then the long trek home.

Innsbruck airport is one of the prettiest settings I think?

So ski-ing done for 2020, roll on the next trip.
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