Playa de Ris, Noja, Cantabria, Spain : 13 - 27 July 2012

What a good holiday this was.

Summer holidays starting on the beach - how unusual.

And this shows the bay I swam across repeatedly each day - just brilliant

Back to a more normal holiday pastime!

First trip out, to Laredo.  And we didn't go to the beach

The Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Ascuncion, and Rionna

Then back to the campsite

Ladies at work in the kitchen

Another day, another lunch

We tried to get up to the Picos de Europa one day, but it was too wet in the hills, so we went to Santillana del Mar instead, where the sun shone.


Are we okay in the back?  Numpties in a car.

More beaching

Back to the playing cards!

and relax

On the middle Sunday we headed into Bilbao for some sophistication

Maman the Bourgeois spider, outside the Guggenheim

Rionna, outside the Guggenheim

Tall Tree & The Eye by Kapoor, outside the Guggenheim, with Nakaya's Fog Sculpture #8025 kicking off in the background.

Engrossed by the splendour and stuff

And a Puppy by Jeff Koons.  To fill you with "awe and joy"!

Then we had a bit of a mad dash across town to meet our hosts for lunch

And a splendid affair it was too, proper Basque nosh, to help celebrate Brian's big birthday

A church in Bilbao

Another church in Bilbao

Post lunch Sunday stroll through the Casco Viejo

Another church?

And back to the Guggenheim to enjoy "The Matter of Time" by Richard Serra.  Different!

Enough already.  Can we please go home now?

Mucking about back home

Another sunny day chez nous

Actually I think this is tea time?

After the kind people from the Netherlands left us all their toys and food and tomato jam

At our second attempt we got a much better day to visit the Picos de Europa, and headed up to Feunte De...

...from where we got this cable car...

.. up to the top of that cliff, from about 1400m up to 1800m in around two minutes - jings that's us nearly two munros up!

So we had to go up.

Viewing platform at the top


Playing it cool, but holding on tight.

Looking back to where we started.

Then we set off for the short 45 minute walk to the refuge where we hoped to get lunch

Feeling the heat

Brief respite from the sun - high 20's today!  Just fine for walking in the mountains.

Oh, oh, what now


Carrying on, getting desparate for lunch

Just beautiful.  Vultures and eagles flying around too, immense.

Had hoped that red building was the refuge, but of course it wasn't

More flowers

Well deserved lunch

Well done us all

Now the walk back!

More flowers to soothe us

Getting tired again

Someone has gone the wrong way!

Strange the things you see up mountains

Some stranger than others, the cliffs on the left just drop away!

Afore mentioned eagle or vulture

And this one is a vulture or eagle!

Another look from the top of the cable car

And down it goes.

That was a hair raising experience, but all is well now


Rionna comes to Sharon's rescue

Who know clearing up could be such fun?

Night time trip to the beach

Back to daytime beach

Fighting to get out of the sun

What on earth!

Interlopers on the lifeguard lookout - doesn't make me feel safe!

Strange night time beach shot, using lifeguard's lookout

And a professionally taken one

Last night

Enjoying the ambience at the airport after arriving just a little early!

My main co-photographer.

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