Cyprus, just open in no more, April 2011

And the sun shone.  

Just arrived, note how tidy it all is.

First night was Greek Cypriot night.  Good food and interesting dancing display.


The main attraction, the man with glasses on his head.

Another man with a glass on his head.

No, really!


Wednesday, and a walk around Kato Pafos.  Get that suncream on.

An old fort at the old harbour, and some weary travellers.

And a visit to the Roman mosaics, then we can tick that off.

Old mosaic stuff.

They had some columns too, snapped by Rionna.

Had enough long ago.

Roman ampitheatre - there was nothing on though.

And that was enough, time to head back.

And relax.

Thursday, and we headed into the Troodos mountains.  Girls were happy.  

Sharon was happy.

Then I dragged them all to the top, at about 6000 feet (well nearly, the top is a military base so no pictures allowed)

And another high up bit somewhere in the mountains.

(picture above taken by girl below)

A church.

And home again to relax.

On the Friday we headed up the coast, to try and find a remote beach.  Decided this one was a bit too busy!

This was more like it.  Another one snapped by Rionna.

This is the business.  Peace on a beach.

And then we went to this roadside shack for a piece.

Our transport.  Yes the horse!

And back to relax again.

Relaxing more.  

The view from the balcony wasn't the best

On the Saturday Sharon and I visited the Tombs of the Kings.

Most interesting

We have the guide book if  you want to find out any more.

Last King of Cyprus was laid to rest here apparently.

And relax.  Yes there was a pool, but I think I was the only one who managed to get in it (once).

Girls preferred the indoors pool and the water polo.

Even Sharon managed down to the pool once.

And relax

Last night out.  Wait for me.

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