Samoens, French Alps.  Summer 2008

Not a bad vacation

Site now fully updated with all the rafting and paragliding pictures you will ever need.  Added paragliding video also included on that page.  Wow!  - please let me know if they work or not as I am not sure about this yet?

Soaking Rionna and The Pool Game

19th to 22nd July, i.e. Part One

Day five - Flying High Again and those who like individual glory:-

Ailie, Euan, Karen, Rionna, Sharon, Shauna and some old blokes each have a page.

Days six and Seven.  Including extra Italy.

Week 2, Saturday and Sunday Barbecue time

Monday morning, and lots of pool.

Tuesday - time to try and scale Dent de Verreu.

What a week - Wednesday is rafting.

The Final Days

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