FRANCE - Vendee - 2013 - Part One

A great two weeks, with nothing to do but relax and have fun and swim lots - why can't life always be like this?
The journey was interesting - Buxton was probably the highlight on the UK side!
No pics on the boat, as we were on, in our bunks, at breakfast and off again with no time to do much else.

Early days, getting unpacked.

Just arrived, and in the sea already.  This is indeed the life!  A Sunday stroll.

The larger half! of my swimming pool for the twelve days.

And back to the caravan to start/continue our reading.  Ever hopeful someone would play badminton or tennis!

Monday - time to relax.

On with the work.  Gin, at this time of the day!

More relaxing.

Something of a habit, the beach at sunset.


More posers

Rock and roll - beach style.

More beach madness.

So much lighter looking this way!

Rionna in arty mode.

Sun still setting

Sun gone at last.


Maybe not?

And then we had to pass the large flying bugs to get home, but it was worth it.
Tuesday tea - taken indoors after a rather heavy shower while we are at the shops, hence the towel over the seat.  Please excuse my editing mistake!

Trip out to St Hilaire/St Croiz de Ville - been here before in 2005

Then back for the tea ritual.


Time to clean up!

Seemed to be a lot of relaxing going on!

Thursday's trip to the beach

Oh yes, this is what we want.

Off we go.

Girls have had enough I think?
Mmmm.  Not sure what this one says.  Suggestions?

Sharon didn't do much swimming (once as I recall?)

No beach pictures this night.

The next day we had an earlier start, and visited Nantes.  Had a cathedral, and I hurt my toe!

Inside the cathedral are the tomb of Francis II, Duke of Brittany and his wife Marguerite de Foix, the parents of Anne of Brittany who had this erected for them.

Suitably impressed?

Then we visited the Chateau -Castle of the Dukes of Brittany - it really was Sharon's day out.

An art installation I believe!

Actually everyone seemed to enjoy the chateau - most unusual.

Looking over where the river used to be, to the famous Petit beurre biscuit factory.

It was rather splendid.  Then we went for a wander round the botanical garden of Nantes which was rather nice, but we took no pictures.

Nantes is European Green Capital for 2013, awarded by the European Commission for its high quality and well-managed public transport system and for its biodiversity with 3,366 hectares of green spaces and several Natura 2000 zones which guarantee a protection of nature in the area.  Had loads of these flower bags along the street.

On the way home we stopped off at Sallertaine which used to be an island, and Sharon saw a windmill in the distance, so off we went.  This is the
Moulin de Rairé, which has been in working order since a long time ago, and is still run by the millers - a father and son.  Apparently the factorys can produce as much flour in a week as it would take the windmill to produce in a hundred years!  Despite the children's reluctance I think they enjoyed this bit of the day too.  Well they got ice-cream!

We did the full trip (up three flights of stairs), with the younger miller, as he had some English.  He was good value too.

And back to the caravan for tea.

And we were in time for our evening sojourn to the beach - always a highlight.

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