Another Splendid Fortnight, who needs the sun

Welcome to my 2001 French holiday pictures.  Guaranteed Wheatus and Papa Roach free (for now).  

I have set up some separate pages, to save waiting for ages for one massive page to load, hope it works this way. 

Most of the team


So, Vermoutiers, July 7 to 21st or thereabouts.  Of course the first thing we had to do was get there.  The gite itself was most comfortable.  On the first Sunday we all went to the Camembert  Restaurant for Sharon's birthday lunch.  In between the rain we managed to enjoy the lovely grounds, and ventured into Vermoutier  and further afield.  And we had our own very successful tennis tournament.  We did lots more of course, even had a beer or two, but I ran out of film.  

Hope you enjoyed the fortnight as much as I did.  

Cheers,    Dave

  Page last updated : 22 Septeember 2001