Bon Jour

Welcome to the French holiday picture library.

So, France, July 25 to August 8, 1999.  A great time, and here are some reminders to prove it.

I have gone through the 144 digital pics which were taken (thanks to Kristan for providing storage, and sending them over to me) and selected the better ones to go on here.

They are divided into pages to make it easier to sift through, and the full resolution pictures can be accessed by clicking on the small pictures.  This makes the pages load quicker, while allowing you to take full size copies of any you want.  Either click on the highlighted sections below, or use the arrow at the bottom of each page to go through them.

As you would expect there are many pictures of the gite itself, and I have separated out the pool ones.

 We had excellent meals every night, and took pictures of most of them.  Thanks to all the cooks (some pictured).  Of course there are pictures of the various outings that the digital camera went on, the beach, the zoo and the Normandy Landings/War thing.  If only the camera had gone to Monet's garden!   There are only a few snaps of the Sunday fete which we attended (even got the rabbit).  Then there are the rest, which have not been categorised, and the last night pics feeding donkeys, etc.  

All in all, a great holiday, which will hopefully be remembered at least until the next time.

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Hope you enjoyed the pics.  You can e-mail me at if you wish.

  Page last updated : 5 September 1999.