A Few Days in London

October Week 2007

Kings Cross Station - only four hours from Edinburgh.

Hot Chocolate at Covent Garden

Meanwhile in Leicester Square, Premiere of "Across the Niger" - star spotting not awfully successful!

Nearby in Trafalgar Square.

Met up with Tina too.

Hoodlums on the monument.

... and back to the bar in our hotel.

First full day - breakfast at the Health Food and Hairdressers across the road.  Had good porridge.

Then across London to the Tower.  In the rain so not everyone was happy yet!

Shauna was taken with the display of  guns in the White Tower.

All the King's horses

More chibs and stuff in the tower.

A sodjer and some birds.

Quick lunch, then we are off down (or up?) the river

A famous boat (the Golden Hind, Raleigh's, or Jason & The Argonuats?) in dry dock forever more.

The Globe (?) and the Tate Modern.

The wheel approaches.

Free advertising

The original Queen Mary, and some important buildings.

Cleopatra's Needle

Just like the sauce bottle

That is where we are going next, up the Eye.

And from above, a sewage barge on the Thames

Buckingham Palace (not for the last time) and St James' Park

They are following us!

Downing Street (not for the last time)


Children keep getting in these pictures, sorry about that!


Nae sign of "Fearty Brown"

And not here either - Downing Street.  Not really accessible.

Horse Guards.  No honestly.

When I grow up, I am going to get a horse too.

On the other side there was some room for horses too.

St James Park - no flamingos in evidence

That place again.

Queen Victoria's statue, not for the last time!

And Eros - Picadilly Square?  Why did we come to yet another square?

But then we found Hamleys, and all was well.

And back to the ranch.

Wednesday, and off to Harrods.

Harrods ice-cream - yummm.

Lunch at the Victoria and Albert.

Fashion, and strange lighting!

A fascinating fashion display.

and we all go out alive

Then it was the Science Museum - Stephenson's Rocket amongst many other great things.

The Hlls Are Alive, at the Palladium.

Awaiting curtain up.

And so ended another day.  Thursday will see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, without Alice.

There they go

It was quite busy.

Rionna managed to get to the front.

And then they played Michael Jackson songs - how disappointing.   Not a single Ted tune.  Must have been keeping the best riffs for another day!

So after they were changed, and Prince Philip zoomed off in his Range Rover...

.. a walk through Hyde Park, to find  Speakers Corner so I could rant.

And out to White City for our tour of Television Centre, before it gets sold off or shut down.  Our guides seemed happy enough!

Even saw the studio Jools Holland was in on Tuesday, being set up for Strictly Come Dancing, and Jonathan Ross rehearsing for the Friday Night programme (shot on a Thursday, and repeated on a Saturday - honest!).  No one offered us a contract though.

And back to this bit of London, one bridge up from before.

It is quite an impressive bridge though?  HMS Belfast on the right, with some other boat attached?

And after the dungeons we went for a final tea.

Tina  met up with us again, for the final time.

Whoever took this is in trouble, thankfully not me.

Trouble averted.

I would have taken this out, but don't want to be biased.

If I can take the last one out I will take this one out?

Last night.

Could this be magic?

A final literary and cultural stop - the British Library for lunch.

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