Menorca in 2006, very hot!

Outside the Binimar, with the Med and the car park.

Cool dude

Relaxing after a hard morning.

More relaxation

Hard at it in the sea, what a life.

Waiting for the bus to Cuitadella.

The big smoke

Smelly cheese shop


Cuitadella cathedral, on a super hot day.

Overlooking the harbour

Time for a drink by the harbour

Mucking about

Ice cream by the pool - again

One of these babes was in a show

All dressed up with somewhere to go


Another day, a trip to the water park, and some sunburn

Relaxing on the way back

Kids keeping us up late

Braiding # 1

One of the nightly shows - what fun

Someone finally joined in the dancing - come on everybody.

Fiesta time at Es Castell again.  We missed the horses, but had a nice dinner, and several shots on the dodgems.

And we saw the fireworks.


On the final day we took a boat trip round the South coast.

The quiet beach, not accessible to the public

However still accessible to loads of people!

Back on board for paella.

Then it was jumping off the back of the boat - I was all at sea

Thankfully this wasn't the only way to get back on board.

And back in again.

At least this beach was a bit quieter

Shauna and I swim for shore

Then Sharon, Rionna and Shauna swam back to the boat - energetic or what!

Back to Cuitadella

It was very pretty.

Multi-tasking - pack the inflatables and get ready for our last night out.

Hair brading # 2

Another candidate for hair brading?

Hotel from our favourite eaterie

No hair brading here thanks.

It wasn't really that bad

And yes, I was too mean to give them any money for these.

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