Nice - Easter 2012

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

First night, looking for some tea.

And a view of Colline du Chateau from Marche aux Fleurs, where we ate

Sharon, look this way please?

Back at the market the next day (but no flowers on a Monday).

On the Quai des Etas-Unis

Start of the climb up to the Parc de la Coline du Chateau

And from nearing the top, looking back down Promenade Des Anglais and Quai des Etats-Unis and over Nice

Ladies enjoying the view

Time for a shower?

And the view from the very top

On the other side we have the Port de Nice.  You could see Shaun Connery's gaff, Elton Johns, and Madonnas is out there somewhere.   Didn't have time to pop in for tea.

War monument - quite impressive


A wand shop

Another bit of climbing, up to the Monastrie de ciniez and Musee Matisse

And at the top, a relaxing little garden

Musee Matisse

And next door, the roman baths, in need of some renovation

The roman bath house had a most informative museum attached - which the girls enjoyed!

Quai des Etats-Unis at night

Chez nous

Russian Orthodox Cathedral - full of impressive relics apparently, but shut in the morning, and all month for renovation!

Strolling along the Promenade Des Anglais

Hitting the beach

Heading up the Place Massena

Flower market, and well worth the visit.

Some ancient house of great import

Bottle lady in the Museum of Modern Art

And on top of the museum, looking North West

Vista from the top, including the Parc de la Coline du Chateau on the right

Another day, another climb, to the Palace of Monaco

Monte Carlo

Changing of the guard

Sharon found a chapel to visit at last.  Full of dead Monacon royalty

Lunch at the palace, out of the rain.

Took a stroll round the place, now looking back to the palace

Opera house or hotel, not sure!

Casino land

Very posh shopping centre.  We didn't buy anything!

And farewell to Monaco

Narrow building in Nice

Port at Villefranche-sur-Mer, our final day trip

The famous Rue Obscure or “Dark Street”, a passage way under the harbour front houses which dates back to 1260.  Most of it was shut!

Lunch in the sun, at last.  It was after 2pm!  And the first day it was this sunny

And the final night we had crepes

Shauna delighted.  And she got her pain au chocolat for breakfast too.

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