North Berwick August 2004.

Thanks to the Brady's for the caravan.

After many years of badgering, we finally agreed to a caravan holiday, albeit a somewhat luxurious one with central heating, colour TV and video, flushing toilet and en-suite bathroom.  Live a little!

Before the rain, a walk to the beach

Time to go, Haddington for the next stop.

Can I claim expenses now I have looked at a newspaper office?

The Ship Inn.  Beer at last.

And the rain came down

Boat launch at North Berwick

Outside the Sea Bird Centre - will the sun shine today?

Oh Dad, give it a rest.

Stroll along the pier?

Still a bit windy.

Having fun yet?

So what now.  Anyone for another game of "Millionaire"

Another day, another bit of rain.

But it dried up in the afternoon - lunch at that famous watermill (it was shut!)

Sharon goes for the lucky dip option.  Mistake.

Arty or what?

Then a stroll to settle our lunch.

Got to see this lovely do'cot (is that the right spelling?)

Wait for me.  It ain't that bad!

More art?


Then a walk to Hailes Castle from somewhere nearby.  Well about a mile and half away, or more!

At last, the bridge we were looking for.  Only another couple of miles now.

Happiness incarnate.

Another arty one, out a window in the castle.

Told you it was Hailes Castle

and the long walk home.  Come on Toto.

Home at last, someone is in trouble.

Only joking (I wish)!

Look, the Bass Rock.  This was about the best view we got all week.

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