Rome - The Eternal City

Plenty of walking, and loads to see - a great holiday


After a very early start we arrived in our basic room by around midday

As the posting started we thought it was about time to go for a walk. Turned out about seven miles.

Looking for the sights.  Can I spy a Coliseum behind us?

Ah, some ancient Roman ruins I think.

Indeed - the Basillica Emilia, with the rest of the Forum behind.  Sadly not very inspiring.

Impressed or what?

This is more like it

Needs no further introduction. But here is one anyway.  Not sure if that will work!

Palatine Hill through the arches of the Basillica of Maxentius.

In search of Nero's Domus Aurea (Golden House), which it now seems was closed due to flooding!

Looking to the forum area from outside the Coliseum

The Arch of Constantine (made up of bits nicked from elsewhere).

Learn all about the Circus Maximus if you really want. Use to hold up to 400,000.  Due to be renovated "soon", don't hold your breathe as in Italy that means once your grandchildren have kids!

It is pretty big.

The "Bocca della Verita" (Mouth of Truth).  Said to take off your hand if you put it in and lied, particularly about fidelity!  Thankfully it is now safely behind bars.  Click here to hear more about it.

Crossing the Tiber

Italian film star?

Oh look, the Pantheon. Time for a beer.

And dinner al fresco

Jings, it's the Trevi fountain.

A popular spot.

And so to bed - what can be left for the rest of the trip?


DAY ONE - Everywhere

DAY TWO - Ancient Rome

DAY THREE - Pantheon, Trevi ,etc.

DAY FOUR - Vatican


DAY FIVE - Baths of Caracalla

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