Rome - The Eternal City

Plenty of walking, and loads to see - a great holiday


For once we got the metro rather than walk out here.  This is the rather unimposing entrance to the Vatican Museum.

Around a courtyard-I need Shauna to advise what these are as I was on the phone.

And then into the first of several halls where someone had painted some pictures on the ceiling.

Tapestry of baby Jesus and an elephant, or somesuch

Ceiling in the Galleria delle Carte Geografiche.  An impressive place.

One of the wall-painted maps.  Quite good really.

Better than wallpaper.

My favourite ceiling painting, in a Raphael Stanze I think.

Allegedly the guy in the middle is Michelangelo painted by Raphael after he saw big Mike's ceiling painting next door.  Lots of other famous dudes in this "The School Of Athens" picture.

And this is the ceiling Michelangelo decorated.  Sistine Chapel.

Not bad?

He did this wall too.

Really was quite busy too.

Sharon was dazzled by the magnificence.  Girls wanted ice cream.

I think that is enough of that.

After lunch we hit the big one - Basillica di San Pietro.  The queue to get in started about here, and it took about half an hour.

Nearly there, and all shoulders covered up.

Swiss Guard - made us all feel much safer.  Bet they love the Michelangelo designed outfits?

This is what the Pope sees when he does his bit, but with a lot more people and without Rionna and Shauna!

And inside there is a nice Pieta by Michelangelo.  This guy was pretty busy!

This dome is only 1.5m smaller than the Roman one in the Pantheon, but was designed by Borromini with some help from Bernini and some other blokes.

At least it let some light in.

Or was this the big one?

What a wonderful place?

Another Swiss Guard.

A Scottish guard.

Next stop Castel Sant'Angelo - Hadrian's mausoleum until a Pope nicked his sarcophagus.  At least they sell ice cream outside.

Hadrian's bull

Enjoying the history and art.

That Vitrianno building again.

On the roof.

A vatican

Drinkies on the terrace of the Castel.

Dude, this Roman stuff is rocking - I think that's what Rionna meant?

Girls in a box

And here is......

Crossing the Ponte Sant'Angelo

And finally dinner somewhere in Rome


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DAY TWO - Ancient Rome

DAY THREE - Pantheon, Trevi ,etc.

DAY FOUR - Vatican


DAY FIVE - Baths of Caracalla

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