Rome - The Eternal City

Plenty of walking, and loads to see - a great holiday


Sant Maria Maggiore.  Built to venerate the Cult of the Virgin, on the spot where snow was found in August 352, as advised to the Pope when he was dreaming about the Virgin Mary.

Roll up to see the reliquary containing fragments of the crib of Christ, in rock crystal and silver.

Even the big man is impressed.

Had a ceiling too.

Tried in vain to again find the entrance to the Domus Aureau, but failed miserably, so we ended up with a hike down to the Baths of Caracalla (just a mile and a half) only to find we'd forgotten our swimming stuff!

Some old bits of floor lying about.

Not a bad bit of ruins, must have been some place in its day.

And then the piramide Cestia.  No, really.  

What could top that - the "Protestant Cemetery"of course, and the grave of Keats.  

Not exactly the reverence one would expect.

And here is Shelley's resting place.  Cultural or what?

What next - a depressing walk round Testaccio, then back round the Aventine to the South end of the Circus Maximus for ice-cream.

Not a bad spot.  Palatine Hill in the background.

And we gave up on pictures at this point.


DAY ONE - Everywhere

DAY TWO - Ancient Rome

DAY THREE - Pantheon, Trevi ,etc.

DAY FOUR - Vatican


DAY FIVE - Baths of Caracalla

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