First (and perhaps last) Family Ski Trip, La Rosiere - Brilliant

Ourselves and the Bradys hit the piste for a great week over New Year  2007 - Way to go.

View from our balcony at the chalet - looking  across the valley to Arc 2000.

Day one : Paperwork for Kids Club

Poker set out already.

Hogmanay, wet and windy just like Scotland, but much higher up.

However up the hill was a different story.  Here comes Audrey Hepburn.

Been there, done (most) of that.

Took Sharon to Italy for her Hogmanay lunch.  What a life.

The road back to France

On the way back to France 2.

Hogmanay ski show and fireworks at La Rosiere 31/12/06

Torch-light skiing down the hill.  Well cool.

And back to the chalet for a light refreshment.  Where did all these kids come from?

It may be illegal to ski down the streets, but at the bells you can let of fireworks where ever you like - La Rosiere main street.

The spirits were out.

Happy New Year.

January 1 was a little wet and windy, so we opted for the "day in the pub/wine drinking" option while the kids did all the skiing and stuff.

We are the boys.

Then it was "bum-boarding" on the nursery slope once the rain stopped and the beer wore off (a bit!).  Great stuff.

Still getting that beer affect.

Then back for dinner, wine and song.  I could get used to this at New Year.

We even managed some more skiing later in the week.  Top of the Fort.

Is this the business or what?

Obligatory lunch, with Gary, Anna and Rob, our new found friends.

Back at the Fort - a popular spot.

On top of the world.

Ski bums.  On Wednesday we actually spent some time skiing with the children (apart from Kieran who was laid up by then).  This was waiting for the bus.

Still waiting.

Here we go.

A lovely but very long run through the trees.

The last day, and here we are back at the Fort .

Going to Italy was a drag - ouch!

And we managed to fit Shauna and Euan into our afternoon schedule too.  Watch out for these guys.

The boys, keeping Ben busy.

Who's up for drinkies then?  Anna, Gary and Rob entice us to the pub.

Final farewell to Andy - loverly wrist guards sir.

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