American Road Trip 2014 - Index

So many pictures, so many miles, what a great holiday, hope the pictures do it justice.  Travel through each page, or jump in and out from here if you wish.

Day One, Two and Three.  Day one was mostly flying, day two we hung out in Denver for a bit, then headed out to Glenwood Springs.  On Monday we hit America's highest adventure park.  
On Tuesday we had a drive to Moab in Utah, via a dinosaur museum and the Colorado National Monument.  Impressive

And the next day we visited Arches National Park at Moab

On Thursday we took it easy, with a bit of horse riding and a Humvee trip
What could top that - why Dead Horse Point the next day
And to top that, how about the Grand Canyon
Impressed yet?  On the Monday we passed
through Monument Valley on our way to Cortez

And for more excitement, on Tuesday we visited the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde,  pretty cool too.

For a change of pace on Wednesday we visited the sand dunes, and a gator park, then caught up with the Davis's in Buena Vista

And on Friday we finally arrived at Colorado Springs

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