Snowdonia  with the Davis's- May 2002.

Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru - The Quarrmen's Houses (quarrymen not pictured)

The kids loved the educational Welsh Slate Museum

It had it's attractions, keep them in there please?

Looking over Llanberis


They are not prisoners, they are free men - Portmeirion the next day

The beach...... no honest it is!  Look out for the bouncing ball!

More beach

At least some of the natives were friendly

Getting sand out of our shoes

And we still couldn't escape

One of those famous Welsh railways, at Betws-y-coed

A car park in Wales

Conwy Castle - with very high towers and very brave children.

Yep,that is Sharon and the kids at the top.  And I was on top of the battlements when I took this!

Marauding Celts storm the castle

Rather shaky final picture, the lights changed before I could get the camera out the window.

All in all a great weekend.  Roll on Lancaster?  

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