What we have done over the last wee while

This is only the more current stuff, all this and more also on the index pages above.

Sharon turned 60 and retired. 

In June we had a week in Scourie

In May Dad turned 87, and we were allowed a few more people in the garden, but Glasgow still restricted.

Early 2021

Good news - engaged, but sadly no party.

Summer holiday 2020 at Lairg - our "Tin Tent" experience.  Cheap!

Other August activities

A family gathering, socially distanced of course - 1 August 2020.

A Family Fun Day

I went for a rather adventurous cycle/walk in the Ochils -(not recommended when combined with Campylobacter)

Lockdown eases a bit.  Visitors. (and the Campylobacter. And Sharon's brirthday jaunt to


Now we are all experts on Zoom and Skype - Lockdown life.

Remember those COVID quiz nights.

Before the lockdown (just).

When we were allowed to gather together - Cheltenham Festival 2020

In January we nipped down to Campbeltown for a night.  Bracing!

Ski-ing February 2020
Prior years (well some of them anyway) available here.