Sun, sand, sea and sadness (had to take the kids)

July 2002

Yes the classic summer holiday  set up.  This is the first part of the collection, click here for the second page.

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Settling in.  Better luck second time guys

Even by moving apartment the Brady's couldn't shake us off!

Here we are in our temporary home for the fortnight.  Rionna's bed pictured.

Gail and Sharon find it all too amusing

Ole!  For once we don't get entertained by the complex

entertainment team, a night off for Chris.

In rapture of the on-stage dancing, or hoping it will be time for bed soon?

Breakfast, or lunch, or something - on our patio.

As well as the on-stage evening shows, the bars, the patio, etc. 

we also had a beach.

The kids enjoy the safe swimming.  Someone is embarrassed

But no-one else is getting on my boat.  Could this be rock and roll?

Rionna gets into the mini-club dancing after the "Nuns on the Run" show.  Pablo doing his best.

And here are a couple of other girls getting into the swing!

The party girls, and a party boy.

Now which one is the coke, and which one the wine?

Some of us really enjoyed these mini-club nights.

And during the day, there was the Kids Club, thank goodness

But we still had to have meals together

A pleasant walk round the cliffs to the neighbouring bay, Arenal De'n Castell

Spot the holidaymakers. Pretty though, isn't it?

Taking to the water - hot, hot, hot.

A night at the races.

And the real thing - Fiesta time at Es Castell.  Magnificent dancing horses, brilliant fireworks, and majorettes!  No, honestly.

Still searching for the majorettes.

It was a pretty little town too.  Gail having an "if I keep my eyes shut I won't have to see children" moment, perhaps!

But commercialisation is still going strong - keeps the kids happy for a while.

Waiting for the fireworks.

Wow.  They were better than this too.

Looking for a sailor?  Hanging out at Farnells.  There are more at Farnell on page two

 This was the first part of the collection, click here for the second page.